Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Using LLBLGEN Generated Classes with Web Services

UPDATE: This only applies to version 2.0.

If you are using LLBLGEN with Web Services and you want to return entities and views to the client, you should have configured your machine to work according to the LLGBLGEN article titled Generated code - XML Webservices support.

This works nicely with Entity Classess, and probably Typed Lists (which I haven't used/tested yet), but there is a problem with Typed Views. If you have a Web Method that returns one of your Typed Views, you are probably getting errors generating the proxy classes, or the type specified in the proxy class that is generated does not match the Typed View in your Web Method!

There appears to be a bug in the webServiceHelper.template file that is used by the LLBLGEN generator. You can find this file in the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Solutions Design\LLBLGen Pro v2.0\Templates\SharedTemplates\Net2.x\C#

Open the file in a text editor and look for the following line in the "TypedView Classes" region:

return new XmlQualifiedName("<[CurrentTypedListName]>TypedList", namespaceToUse);

Change the above line to:

return new XmlQualifiedName("<[CurrentTypedViewName]>TypedView", namespaceToUse);

Now instead of having every one of your typed views with an XmlQualifiedName of TypedList, it is actually to the name of the class. Look in WebServiceHelper.cs (or WebServiceHelper.vb) to confirm this change is working.

I generally find that these changes only affect the proxy generation when the service reference is recreated; updating the reference doesn't always work.

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